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PowerASN for Java 

Current version

PowerASN for Java 1.2.4 (SV) available.


PowerASN for Java is a free Java implementation of ASN.1 (UIT-T X.680) specifications.
It consists of:

  • An extensive ASN.1 types Java implementation including relative object identifier, open type (formerly known as ANY), all time formats (along with many encoding possibilities) and string types
  • BER, CER, DER and XER (both basic and canonical) codecs[Footnote1][Footnote1][Footnote1]
  • A compiler[Footnote2][Footnote2][Footnote2][Footnote2] which produces PowerASN for Java-compliant source code from ASN.1 specifications (.asn files).

Why choose PowerASN for Java?

PowerASN for Java likely fullfils your needs for the following reasons:

  • Absolutely free
  • Makes use of the latest Java technology ("foreach" statements, generics, etc.)
  • Extensive documentation with API definition and developer guide
  • Many ASN.1 objects with all size and values constraints, including relative object identifiers and all string types
  • Automatic constraints validations during decoding phases and values assignments (including time values)
  • All time classes and printable forms supported
  • Support for long tag types and values (greater than 30) encoding and decoding
  • Smart printing of ASN.1 simple types and OpenType
  • Secured high-grade default ASN.1 codecs, including BER and DER, are proposed
  • BIT STRING and OCTET STRING constructed form supported by default BER codec

Moreover, PowerASN for Java relies on many java interfaces which makes it an open implementation that can answer all your requirements, such as defining your own simple or structured types and codecs.

Finally, PowerASN comes with extra tools such as asnViewer.

[Footnote1] XER decoder is currently being developped. E-XER will also be soon integrated within PowerASN for Java default codecs, when XER and ASN.1 compiler stable versions are released.

[Footnote2][Footnote2] This compiler is in progress.

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