[ASN.1 free comprehensive environment and tools]

ASN.1 PowerASN tutorials

[Introduction to ASN.1] Introduction to ASN.1 [pdf]
version 1.1.22007-05-10
ASN.1 overview, main principles

[ASN.1 tagging] ASN.1 tagging [pdf]
version 0.0.42007-05-10
Tagging principles for unambiguous descriptions

[ASN.1 security issues] ASN.1 security issues [pdf]
version 0.0.82007-05-10
ASN.1 transfer syntaxes security issues and decoders implementations guidelines

Coming soon:

  • ASN.1 encoding rules

ASN.1 external references

  • "ASN.1 - Communication between Heterogeneous Systems", O. Dubuisson, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 2000, ISBN 0-12-6333361-02000
  • "ASN.1 Complete", prof. J. Larmouth, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 1999, ISBN 0-12-233435-3
  • OSS Nokalva website
  • ITU-T Study Group 17 Ė Languages for Telecommunication Systems
  • And so many others...

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