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PowerASN for Java 


JDK 1.5 SE (or upper version) is required as PowerASN for Java makes use of enumerations, generics and foreach statements.

Util excerpt library is also required and should be downloaded along with any new PowerASN version.


[Util exerpt archives] Util exerpt archives [zip]
version 1.0.0 (SV)2007-01-14
Required packages extracted from "util" archive, exclusively for PowerASN for Java needs

[Main archive] Main archive [zip]
version 1.2.4 (SV)2007-01-14
PowerASN for Java main archive (does not include ASN.1 compiler)


SV Stable Version
RC Release Candidate
NB Nightly Build

[Footnote1] Please make sure you agree with the licence terms and conditions before proceeding to any download.

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